The Old School is the Only School

There’s No Substitute for Hard Work

Lonestar Barbell Club is NOT your local corporate fitness center.  We’re not a Crossfit Box that seems to be on every corner, now days.  What are we?  We’re an old school gym.  We use barbells, dumbbells, med balls, kettlebells and a mix of very specialized equipment designed to get you strong and fit without all the fluff and wizardry of today’s “fitness” world.

We Don’t have “Cardio” Equipment

We’ve Got Something That Works

No Elliptical machines, no stationary bikes, no treadmills, no steppers.  How do you get in shape at Lonestar Barbell without all those nifty little machines? Sled drags, Prowler (if you don’t know what the Prowler is, Google it, and be afraid!), Med Balls and sledge hammers.  In other words, real conditioning that produces a much harder and more conditioned athlete.  That’s right, I called YOU an athlete.  Every member of Lonestar Barbell is treated like and trained like an athlete. 



We Work Hard and Get Results

We Were Here Before the Fitness Fads of Today, and We’ll Be Here When They’re Gone

If you want to reach goals that you once thought completely out of reach, Lonestar Barbell is the answer.

If you want to push yourself to places you never thought possible, Lonestar Barbell is the answer.

If you want to be your very best, Lonestar Barbell is the answer.