Making Athletes of Everyday People.

Because Slow And Weak Is No Way To Go Through Life 

Ron Carroll, Founder and Owner 

35 years of life in the iron.  This isn’t a business.  This is life.  I’m hoping to help make it part of yours.

Ron is more than just a strength coach.  He’s a husband and father, as well.  He’s been married to Melissa for over 21 years.  Together they have 4 boys.  Matthew, Timothy, Caleb and Noah.  3 fur babies are at home as well. Maggie, CoCo, and Hank. A little terrier mix, and two labs!  

What is Lone Star Barbell

Making Athletes of Everyday People

Lone Star Barbell isn’t like anything in the fitness world today.  We were born in the old school, and it’s time for the old school to rise again! What’s “old school” really mean?

Three things: 1. Hard Work.  There’s no way around it.  You have to work hard.  You have to be consisent.  You have to be dedicated. 2. Proper technique.  35 years of experience and continual study has shown me that hard work with poor technique leads to injury, imbalances and chronic problems. 3. Proper nutrition.  We have a common sense approach to eating.  No “evil” foods, no fads, no dogmatic rigid protocols.  Just sound, time proven eating programs. If you’re ready to be the best you’ve ever been join Lone Star Barbell today!  We pride ourselves in Making Athletes of Everyday People. GET STARTED TODAY

Check out our Meathead Dad Blog for the musings of a practitioner of the iron game, a Dad, a husband, a lifter.

Meathead Dad Blog

Corporate Wellness

We here at Lone Star Barbell have designed a corporate wellness program that actually helps your employees get healthy and reach their fitness goals.


On-Site Training Plans

Our private state of the art facility is located in the Tomball/Cypress, Texas area.  If you live in the area, please come out and let us show you what we can achieve together.

On-site training


per month

  • 4 days/week of training in our private, state of the art facility.
  • Direct coaching from one of our experienced strength coaches.
  • Complete diet and nutrition programming. All of which are completely customized to fit the indiviuals needs and goals.
  • 15% discount on merch., special sales, early access and discounts on special events.
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athletic training


per month

  • 4 days/week on-site training in our private, state of the art facility
  • Gain explosiveness, dynamic speed, strength, mobility and agility for your sport.
  • Programs designed for both girls and boys sports.
  • Programs designed to run through off-season, pre-season and in-season.
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The Club Options

For the athlete in all of us! Don’t live near the gym? Already hitting the gym but not sure what to do? Or maybe your current program is just getting stale? We’ve got you covered. The Lone Star Barbell Online Club. The Club is available in two different formats. The Club and the Club Complete.

The Club
On-line training


per month

  • Daily in-person club workout.
  • Diets for cutting, bulking, and maintenance.
  • In depth and on-going information on macros, supplements and conditioning.
  • Weekly check-ins with our coaches to help keep progress on track
  • A 10% discount on merch., special sales, early access and discounts on special events.
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The club complete
on-line training


per month

  • The next best thing to being here and training with us at Lone Star Barbell Club.
  • Everything in the Lite and the Club plus weekly checkins with one of our coaches.
  • Continuous monitoring of both diet and training. Changes made as needed to insure you reach your fitness goals.
  • 15% off all Lone Star merch. Early access to and discounts on all special events.
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The Club Member Login

Why Groups?

Training Together; Achieving Together

Groups achieve more together than each individual can on their own.

Our Model

We train our clients in small groups. This is very deliberate on our part. Small groups of 3-5 people training together produce much greater results than one-to-one training ever could.

The synergy of small groups working together to help eachother reach their goals is undeniable and well documented

Accountabliity, motivation and longevity all increase dramatically when people train together.  Our members work together and help push eachother to heights they could never reach alone.

Fit After 40

We get it, getting in shape and losing weight after 40 can be extra challenging. Jobs, kids and life can get in the way of reaching your goals.  Many of our members are over 40 and are getting in the best shape of their lives. Forget the myths! You can get the body you want! 

Lone Star Barbell Club coaches work with you to create lasting lifestyle changes so fitness and weight loss are sustainable for the long term.

After a full assessment, we combine private training with a customized plan, rounded out with proper nutrition creates results. Our team will customize your plan based on your goals to meet your needs.

Youth Training 

Youth driven classes specifically designed for Middle and High School students who need to get moving or are interested in fitness (but not necessarily athletic). 

LoneStar Barbell has 30 years experience in youth programs for all levels of fitness and ability

We can work with your school for off site PE credits, as well.

Lone Star Barbell Member Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

I started training with Ron and Matthew Carroll on March 26, 2021. in just 5 weeks I have stronger legs, arms, and back, and I’m even seeing things begin to tighten up. I have not lost any more weight but definitely inches, because I’ve gone down two pant sizes since I began working out at Lone Star Barbell Club a few weeks ago!

Charity C.

I joined January of 2020 at age 72. I had never worked out. I had balance and knee issues. I’ve improved dramatically. My last yearly physical the doctor asked what I was doing differently because my numbers and all my test results were spot on. I answered “just working out 4 days a week”. He said, “keep it up see you next year”. I only wish I had started years ago. 

Art S.

I’ve been training with Ron for almost 1 year now and I can honestly tell you, it’s been the best decision I’ve made when looking for a great trainer who knows the business. Since I’ve been training with Ron, I’ve improved my strength tremendously. Ron has been in this business for a long time, so he’s able to pinpoint your weakness and turn it into a positive outcome. Working out at Lone Star has been a blessing and I wouldn’t have it any other way. For those looking to improve your life physically and mentally, please join Lone Star Barbell, I promise you’ll make the right decision when it comes to your health and well being. Not only that, we are all family!!!

George F.

Two years ago I decided to get serious about my health. I began working out with Ron in his garage, before the gym was built. I had always been “active”….I did Jazzercise, walked…all cardio-type activities, but I had never lifted weights. Lifting weights has been the key to the transformation in my body. Ron also helped me with an anti-inflammatory diet, and the results speak for themselves. I feel strong, healthy, and proud of my accomplishments. I’m turning 50 this year, and I’m so thankful to be going into my 50s living a fit lifestyle. Lone Star Barbell Club is not like a traditional gym-It’s truly one of a kind. Ron and Matthew are positive, encouraging, and work diligently with each person individually to achieve results.

Amy M.

At 56 years old after many years working at a computer, I began working out on my own. I made several amateur mistakes (improper form, training volume too high, absence of cardio, trying to ignore and work through a shoulder injury, etc.). Ultimately, I strained a pec muscle. At that point, I realized that I needed to change direction. I began looking for someone who could assess and fix my imbalances, help rehab my injuries, correct my form, and help me get stronger. Through and online search, I found Lone Star Barbell Club. I met with Ron Carroll and explained what I was looking for. He said that he could provide the structure and guidance necessary to help me achieve my goals. He was right! Through his guidance and tutelage, I am well on my way to achieving the success I was looking for. I have nothing but praise for Ron and recommend him at the highest level

Larry B.

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