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Because Slow And Weak Is No Way To Go Through Life 

Ron Carroll, Founder and Owner 

35 years of life in the iron.  This isn’t a business.  This is life.  I’m hoping to help make it part of yours.

Ron is more than just a strength coach.  He’s a husband and father, as well.  He’s been married to Melissa for over 21 years.  Together they have 4 boys.  Matthew, Timothy, Caleb and Noah.  3 fur babies are at home as well. Maggie, CoCo, and Hank. A little terrier mix, and two labs!  

What is Lone Star Barbell

Making Athletes of Everyday People

Lone Star Barbell isn’t like anything in the fitness world today.  We were born in the old school, and it’s time for the old school to rise again! What’s “old school” really mean?

Three things: 1. Hard Work.  There’s no way around it.  You have to work hard.  You have to be consisent.  You have to be dedicated. 2. Proper technique.  35 years of experience and continual study has shown me that hard work with poor technique leads to injury, imbalances and chronic problems. 3. Proper nutrition.  We have a common sense approach to eating.  No “evil” foods, no fads, no dogmatic rigid protocols.  Just sound, time proven eating programs. If you’re ready to be the best you’ve ever been join Lone Star Barbell today!  We pride ourselves in Making Athletes of Everyday People. GET STARTED TODAY

Check out our Meathead Dad Blog for the musings of a practitioner of the iron game, a Dad, a husband, a lifter.

Meathead Dad Blog
Why Groups?

Training Together; Achieving Together

Groups achieve more together than each individual can on their own.

Our Model

Training at Lone Star Barbell Club is a simple process. We offer 4 day/week and 2 day/week training programs in a group setting of up to 10 people. The cost ranges from $160 – $250 + tax/month. There are no long-term contracts. Every membership is on a month-to-month basis. All we need is 30 days written notice, so we can free up your training slot for new members. Once you’ve made the decision to join us in your fitness journey, there are 3 steps to getting started: Pick your training days. Up to 4 days/week Pick a training time. This will be the time you train on each of the weekly training sessions. Set up your membership. This includes signing our membership agreement, setting up payment options, and receiving your new member welcome packet that has all the pertinent information to help optimize your experience here at Lone Star Barbell.

Designed For Success

We strive to be as accessible to our members as possible. Our training is done in groups of up to 15 people. Each member can train 2 to 4 times per week. When you sign up with us, you will pick your training days and time. If for any reason, during a given week you cannot make your designated day or time, we ask that you give us notice. This will free up your time on our scheduler. At that point you can choose another available time that fits your schedule for the week.

All open training times will be listed on our scheduler, which is available online to all of our members. We understand that life doesn’t always happen in easy predictable schedules. That’s why we leave the choice completely up to each member, based on availability of a given training time. If you want to train at 4 different times during the week, that’s fine with us. When you join you’ll pick your base schedule. For example, Monday at 6 am, Tuesday at 8 am, Wednesday at 4 pm and Friday at 5 pm. This is your scheduled training each week. If something comes up, and you need to change days or times or both, you’ll simply log into our member site and remove the day/time that you can’t make and check a day/time that you can.

Lone Star Barbell Cheer Training

We are pleased to announce our newest training program, Lone Star Cheer Training!  We have teamed up with A-1 Spirit Athletics to provide a two day/week strength training program for cheerleaders.  The program will be  administered at A-1 Spirit Athletics facility (2 doors down from ours!)  The sessions will be around 30 minutes in length 2 times/week.
 Our primary goal will be to help the participants develop explosive power.  Our secondary goals will be to reinforce the development of balance and coordination necessary for their sport.  We will also focus on increasing mobility. For more information about A-1 Spirit Athletics visit their website.

A-1 Spirit Athletics

Lone Star Barbell News

Stay In The Know

Things are constantly improving here at Lone Star Barbell.  Check back often to see the latests exciting changes and upgrades.

So Close Now

Opening day is just a week away!

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Arsenal in the House

Arsenal Strength equipment has arrived. When we’re done, Lone Star Barbell will be the most innovative training facility in Houston!

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