Making Athletes of Everyday People.

Because Slow And Weak Is No Way To Go Through Life 


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What is Lone Star Barbell

Making Athletes of Everyday People

Lone Star Barbell isn’t like anything in the fitness world today.  We were born in the old school, and it’s time for the old school to rise again! What’s “old school” really mean?

Three things: 1. Hard Work.  There’s no way around it.  You have to work hard.  You have to be consisent.  You have to be dedicated. 2. Proper technique.  35 years of experience and continual study has shown me that hard work with poor technique leads to injury, imbalances and chronic problems. 3. Proper nutrition.  We have a common sense approach to eating.  No “evil” foods, no fads, no dogmatic rigid protocols.  Just sound, time proven eating programs. If you’re ready to be the best you’ve ever been join Lone Star Barbell today!  We pride ourselves in Making Athletes of Everyday People. GET STARTED TODAY

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