We are a lifestyle brand for lifters, not fitness enthusiasts or casual exercisers. We represent those who have dedicated themselves to the pursuit of the iron. Those who put their heart and soul in the quest for excellence in the gym and in life. We put that same dedication into our collection of apparel and our coffee to help you represent who you are. The best quality the attention to each and every detail to give you the gear you need to perform at the highest level possible. Lone Star Iron Wear and Lone Star Iron Brew together, designed for lifters by lifters.

Lone Star Iron Wear and Lone Star Iron Brew are the offspring of the Lone Star Barbell Club. A private gym started in our garage more than 20 years ago. After many years of training in commercial gyms, I decided to move the pursuit home to our garage. Why? Through the years in commercial gyms, I was exposed to the best and worst the industry had to offer. I could see the trend in commercial gyms moving further and further away from what the pursuit was all about, muscular size, strength and performance. I became part of a movement to preserve the ideals of physical culture and that movement landed in garages and warehouses all over the country.

Lone Star Barbell Club remains a beacon in a convoluted world of globo-gyms, fitness facilities, spas and health clubs that are polluting the landscape, spreading a diluted idea of what the iron is and has always been. A pure and uncomplicated way to push past preconceived limitations, improve your health and vitality, and be a brutally strong individual, spiritually, mentally and physically. The decades of blood, sweat, chalk dust and ammonia caps have been crafted into everything Lone Star Iron Wear and Lone Star Iron Brew represent. A lifestyle brand forged in the crucible of iron. The pain, the strain, the effort, the victories, the defeats, the frustration and the exultation all poured into the Lone Star brand that you can now put on your back or in your cup to let everyone around you know that the pursuit matters and you won’t be giving up or giving in, ever.

Brothers and Sisters in Iron.