Lone Star Barbell: Who, What, Why

Good afternoon, everyone. This is Ron with Lone Star Barbell Club . I did a video a couple of weeks ago, giving a tour of the gym and it was a pretty well received. So I wanted to do another little short video here as I walk through the gym, getting ready to train myself, […]

Whether You Say You Can or You Can’t You’re Right

Hey, everybody. Ron, with Lone Star Barbell here. Quick message today. About to get busy out here. And I just wanted to come to you real quick and tell you guys, encourage you guys to start believing that you can. There’s a lot of people out there, they’re going to tell you that you can’t. […]

Don’t Ignore Small Victories

Good afternoon, everybody. Ron here, Lone Star Barbell Club. I come to you quickly this afternoon on a subject that is something that I deal with quite a bit personally. It’s learning to accept the small victories that we have. I’m notorious for only seeing what I need to work on. Only noticing the things […]

How to Handle Injuries

Good afternoon everybody. This is Ron, Lone Star Barbell Club. I want to take a minute real quick before I start my own training this afternoon to go over injuries, and how to deal with them. This is a subject near and dear to my heart. I’ve had my fair share of those. Dealing with […]

The Lone Star Barbell Logo Origin Story

Good afternoon, everyone. This is Ron with Lone Star Barbell coming to you again today on what is becoming a series on our bloody fist logo, a shot of that really quick. I had a couple of more things I wanted to say about it. So I decided to continue some other thoughts that I […]

Lone Star Barbell Logo Origin Story Part 1

Good afternoon, everyone. I wanted to take a minute here this afternoon and kind of go over some of the history behind our bloody fist logo that you see here on this embroidered cap, that you can go to lonestarbarbellclub.com and purchase. I get asked a lot about the bloody fist. What does it mean? […]

Goals Setting

Good afternoon, everybody. This is Ron with Lone Star Barbell. I wanted to come to you today, talk to you a little bit about goals and goal setting and the importance of goal setting. I think everyone needs to have a goal. Arbitrarily, doing things with no goal, you’re really never going to know if […]