Goals and Goal Setting

Good afternoon, everybody. This is Ron with Lone Star Barbell. I wanted to come to you today, talk to you a little bit about goals and goal setting and the importance of goal setting. I think everyone needs to have a goal. Arbitrarily, doing things with no goal, you’re really never going to know if you get there, if you don’t have a set destination. You’re going to flounder. You’re going to waffle back and forth. You’re just never going to really truly commit to getting somewhere. So, goal setting is very important. You have to have short term goals. You have to have longterm goals and you really need to go and be very deliberate about them. Write them down. Keep them where you can see them.

And depending on your level of consistency and commitment, those short term goals could be daily. They really should be daily. They may even be hourly. It depends on how difficult it is for you to get going and stay with something. But I highly recommend daily goals, that could be as simple as you write down, my goal today is to get all of my meals in, not to have anything that’s not on my meal plan. It’s to do 30 minutes of conditioning and 30 minutes of weight training today. The list goes on and on. But by doing that, by setting those daily goals and sticking to them, they become a week, two weeks, a month of doing the right thing and now you’re heading in the right direction.

I also highly recommend setting a long term goal of some kind. It can be a formal thing where you find a competition that you want to do, whether it’s a power lifting meet, whether it’s a body building show. There’re so many divisions now, in that arena that you can really pick something that fits where you are and the level of commitment that you have for it. You can, as a lady, you can do bikini figure wellness. You can do physique, all the way up to body building. Men, same thing. You have men’s physique. You have classic physique and then you have body building. There’s some choices out there that you don’t have to just do one thing. You can do a power lifting meet. You can decide to do a half marathon. You can decide to do a triathlon.

Something that is out there that you know is going to be well beyond where you are now and is going to require you to put work in that you’ve maybe never put into anything before. And when you get there and you’re able to do it, the results of it, it’s not about chasing a first place trophy or doing some particular thing. It’s about fulfilling that commitment to yourself and getting out there and showing yourself that you can do it. That you can follow through with it and that you can make it part of who you are. And in the long run, the most beneficial part about all of it is your health has increased. Your quality of life has increased. Your confidence increases. There are a myriad of benefits to doing things like this and the goal setting goes on into every part of your life.

You set financial goals. You set business goals. You set personal goals to maybe change how you do things, that you’re not going to stay up and you’re going to start getting up earlier in the morning, whatever the case may be. But setting goals is pivotal to reaching any marker that we have in life and using something that’s really, I guess you would say is less concerning. It’s not a life or death situation necessarily at first, when it comes to your fitness and this thing, you can use this as a catalyst to help you learn how to set goals that aren’t going to have necessarily an impact on your bottom line, your ability to pay bills and all those kinds of things. And you can learn how to set goals, reach goals, set new goals, and keep pushing that bar higher in an arena where it’s not going to affect your livelihood, your kids, or the things that are from day-to-day or are important in that way.

But it is a very important thing overall, and it becomes a part of your life and it can help transcend into every other, and bleed over into every other part of your life. So get a pad, get a pen, start brainstorming, start thinking, what is it you like to do? Are you more of a conditioning or a cardio or that kind of athlete? Or are you looking more for something in the spring arena? Are you looking something in the aesthetics, the body building type arena? Are you looking for something in a sport? You want to enter a tennis tournament. I mean, the list is endless, but sit down, figure out what you like, pick something that you do like. It’s a lot easier to stick with something if you actually like what you’re doing, and learn how to get those daily goals written out and get them done and get those monthly goals, six months, a year.

You can go out, you can be as detailed and as far out with it as you want to go. But it is pivotal to helping you stay on course and do what you need to do to, to get there. So get out there, get it done, and start working towards them, and I’ll see you guys soon. Take care.

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