History of Logo (Part 2)

Good afternoon, everyone. This is Ron with Lone Star Barbell coming to you again today on what is becoming a series on our bloody fist logo, a shot of that really quick. I had a couple of more things I wanted to say about it. So I decided to continue some other thoughts that I have on our bloody fist logo and what it means to us here at Lone Star Barbell. Another one of the things that really drew me to this logo 21 plus years ago now was when I saw it, as I was looking through so many different possibilities, it really just…

It reminded me of the concept of once you get ahold of something, once you get your fingers wrapped around whatever it is you’re trying to do in life, whether it’s pursuing a fitness goal or business or your family or your faith, your calling, whatever it may be, once you get ahold of it, whether it’s just in your heart or if you’re actually holding onto it physically, whatever the case may be, once you get it, you can’t let go of it no matter what, no matter what comes your way, no matter what difficulties arise, no matter what challenges come up, no matter if it looks like it’s never going to happen, never going to actually come to pass, none of that matters.

Once you get ahold of that thing and you hold it and you refuse to let go, if that grip that you have on that thing causes you to the bleed, it doesn’t matter, you don’t let go. You hold onto it. You keep that grip on it. You keep that grip on your family, you don’t let them go. You keep that grip on your dream, you don’t let it go. You keep your self-steadfast and keep yourself committed and dedicated to it and things will change, things will begin to happen for you. You just have to stay with it. If you can’t get it right away, you just outlast that thing.

That’s one of the real testaments to us here at Lone Star Barbell Club, because this is a 20 plus year dream to have a facility like this. Through many, many times of it looking worse than impossible, I just never let it go. I never, ever quit believing that a place like this could be a reality. When it became a reality, things have not gone perfectly. It has not been a happily ever after story. We’re still, right now as I stand here holding this hat, we are in that bloody fist moment of holding on tight to this thing and going through the lockdown and all the stuff with the pandemic and everything that happened in 2020 and all of the hardships that that brought this industry that I’m in and everyone has had to deal with.

It hasn’t been easy. It hasn’t been instant of success, but it has definitely taught me that this logo of ours has a real meaning and we’ll never let go of that meaning. So that’s another part of our story that I wanted to convey and another part of the meaning of the bloody fist logo.

So if you’re like-minded and you want to rep the brand and rep what we’re doing, you can go to lonestarbarbell.com, pick yourself up a bloody fist hat, shirts. We have a variety of things there on the website. Go check it out, guys. You guys stay strong. Stay with it and never quit. Never give up. Hold on no matter what. Have a great day, guys.

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