History of Logo

Good afternoon, everyone. I wanted to take a minute here this afternoon and kind of go over some of the history behind our bloody fist logo that you see here on this embroidered cap, that you can go to lonestarbarbellclub.com and purchase. I get asked a lot about the bloody fist. What does it mean? Why is it our logo? Where did it come from, etc.?

And just to keep it very short, 20 years ago, when we were starting this gym in our garage, I spent some time looking for a logo that kind of represented my philosophy of training and how I went about training and how I looked at lifting and power lifting, bodybuilding, strong man, all the different variations of what we do. And I came across this bloody fist, and it just hit me that it represented the fact that you just have to plain and simply work. You have to work hard. You have to work consistently. You have to work over a long period of time. And you have to do it when you don’t feel like it, when you don’t see anything coming from it, when it looks like all your hard work is doing nothing.

You have to keep going. You just have to keep persevering. And that bloody fist just represented that mentality, and I chose it. I chose it many years ago. When we first opened the gym, we opted for a little bit more of I guess, a safer logo, and after a couple of months with that logo, I just didn’t feel right about it, and I felt like we needed to get back to our roots and back to who we were, from the very beginning. And so we brought back the bloody fist, and it is now our primary logo. We do have a couple of others that we use, because this fist represents the work that’s necessary, the commitment that’s necessary, the dedication that’s necessary to get where you want to go, regardless of who you are or what you do, what life throws at you, how busy you might think you are, how hard the rest of your life seems.

If you want to go for and complete and fulfill any kind of physique or fitness goals, you have to put all that stuff aside, and you have to commit to doing this thing and doing it day in and day out, without fail, without question, without letting your effort wane or letting your commitment wane.

So jump on lonestarbarbell.com and grab yourself a bloody fist embroidered hat. We have a lot of other gear on there, as well. We’re launching a bunch of new gear. We’re really pushing our gear and our philosophy of hard work done, basic exercises done with maximum intensity, over the rest of your life.

So there it is, guys. A little quick shot of our new functional trainer. We have more new pieces coming. We have a new GHR and a new 45-degree back raise that are on the way, and a lot of other great stuff coming to Lone Star Barbell. So check us out. Thanks a lot. You guys have a great day.

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