Physician’s Wellness Program

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“If we were able to provide everyone with the right dose of nutrition and physical exercise -neither too much nor too little- we would have discovered the right path to health”
(Hippocrates 460-377 AD)



Sharing this belief, Lonestar Barbell created a practice based program to provide patients with a clinically-based wellness program that emphasizes prevention, early intervention and physician directed care.


Practice Based Wellness

Fitness and nutrition are the foundation of the Lonestar Barbell program. Your patients want guidance from someone they trust to improve their health. We offer an easy to use online system that provides personal training, nutrition and education.

Hard Work; Basic Exercises; Common Sense Nutrition

Your patients are looking to you for guidance in wellness and weight loss. Lonestar Barbell offers a clinically sound, easy to use program that provides a complete solution to help guide your patients to a healthier lifestyle. The Lonestar Barbell Physician’s Wellness Program is for any practice that desires to add value and benefit from providing patients with a documented method of improving their fitness and vitality.


How does it work? Simply have your patients sign up via our online registration page and we’ll take care of the rest. You receive scheduled progress reports for your chart and the benefit of helping your patients achieve lifetime goals of wellness.


Partner with Lonestar Barbell and Benefit From Over 25 years of Real World, in the Trenches Experience

There’s an Athlete Inside of Everyone

Service Features


  • Complete participant management
  • Each patient assigned certified trainer
  • Built in messaging system
  • Customized exercise programs for all levels of fitness
  • Managed workout schedules
  • Primary focus on strength and overall cardiovascular conditioning
  • Customize welcome email messaging






To request more information and/or to schedule a visit from one of our Associates, go to our Physician’s Information Request Page