Lone Star Iron Brew – Bourbon Barrel Aged Coffee

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This one is a favorite. We age the beans for 30 days in spent bourbon casks for incredible results. You will love the smooth, bourbon notes and the magnificent La Soledad Estate Guatemalan beans. This is a limited roast so be sure to order while its in stock.

Barrel Aged vs Infused – the difference between barrel aged and infused is we used aged bourbon barrels that were poured out within days of starting our process. We then spend 30 days letting the beans soak up aged bourbon before we roast. The barrels are turned daily by hand to make sure all the beans to fully soak in the bourbon from the spent barrels. Its time consuming and a labor of love. Infused coffees have the flavoring added to the beans just before roasting. This is a much quicker process and does not impart the same aged flavor or smoothness or our barrel aged coffee. We take great pride in our products and only offer the best varieties to our customers. Due the intense process this is a limited stock item and available for pre order only.


Coffee and lifting go hand in hand. It’s the original pre-work out. Our coffee is authentic just like our training. Lone Star Iron Brew is real coffee for people who have real work to do. Straight forward, honest brew to help you start you day or training session.

Our coffee is single origin, organic, shade grown, fair trade and roasted weekly in small batches by our roasting partner in Central Texas. There are no additives, chemicals, flavors or anything that will get in the way of enjoying an amazing cup of Lone Star Iron Brew Coffee.

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Weight 12 oz
Dimensions 12.0 × 9.0 × 1.0 in