Who We Are & What We Do For You

Good afternoon, everyone. This is Ron with Lone Star Barbell Club . I did a video a couple of weeks ago, giving a tour of the gym and it was a pretty well received. So I wanted to do another little short video here as I walk through the gym, getting ready to train myself, and just to kind of go over what we do at Lone Star Barbell, what makes us different, who we are and what we do for our members.

So as you can see here as I go through the gym, we are an extremely well-equipped 2,100 square foot private training facility, state-of-the-art equipment, best that you can find. What we do here, unlike a commercial gym, we don’t have hours of operation where people will just come in and train as they want. It is a personal training model. People come in at a designated time and they train primarily in small groups of anywhere from two to five people under the direct supervision of myself and my 30 plus years of experience helping people reach their goals.

It’s all done here in our private training facility. That is why we charge what we charge and do what we do. We are different in that way. People have confused us a little bit because we are in a very different kind of niche. We’re not a commercial gym and we’re also not a xfit gym, as you can see. We don’t have anything that even remotely resembles a xfit facility. So we kind of fall into a strange little category and it can be confusing for people who come by and visit and wonder exactly what it is we do.

All of our training is 100% programmed by me and overseen by me. Programming for the training is always put up on the board here for each day. So our members can see what they’re going to be doing when they come in. I design the programming, I oversee the training, making sure everyone’s doing what they need to do, the way they need to do it. We also include, of course, any and all nutrition supplement, any other fitness-related, health-related services that our members need, we provide for them as well as a part of their monthly membership.

It is a month to month program. We do not have contracts or any kind of long-term commitments. It is a month to month commitment. You can join, see what you think about it, see if you like it. If you do, obviously you can continue then for however long you want to continue. It is, in my opinion, the best way to reach your fitness goals is to train in a small group with other people who are like-minded and are doing their best to reach their goals, their synergistic nature of training in groups helps everyone get better.

Obviously having me here to not only design the programming, I oversee the training, make sure that you’re doing what you need to do the way you need to do it with the intensity you need to do it with is also an added benefit of being here at Lone Star Barbell Club. So if you’re interested in that and once you see what our prices are compared to what personal training goes for in a commercial gym setting, you can see that our prices are quite competitive and you will not be able to train in an environment anything like this with this kind of equipment anywhere else. That’s a guarantee.

So come on by and give us a look-see and become part of the Lone Star Barbell family. Thanks a lot, guys.

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